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Big Data and Analytics

On a smarter planet, software infrastructure is important, and Big Data is essential…

The world is changing and the volume of data is expanding exponentially year after year

The abundance of social networks, mobile devices, open computing and the byproduct of globalization “interconnection”, are not only creating more data, they are also demanding more accessibility.

At Intermedia Latam we promote intelligent computing with intelligent practices, empowering users to gain access to structured and unstructured data, gaining new levels of analytical expertise, and increasing levels of comfort and security in critical decision making at times of Greater impact, in order to achieve remarkable competitive advantages.

A Big Data can be stored, acquired, processed and analyzed in different ways. Each Big Data has different characteristics, the frequency, volume, speed, type and accuracy of the data are relevant points. Our Big Data Architecture services are developed based on structured patterns according to some of the following business scenarios.


  • Big Data & Energy Consumption in Mining Industry.
  • Big Data & Churn Rate in Telecommunications.
  • Big Data & Analysis of Opinion in Marketing.
  • Big Data & Customer Service Monitoring.
  • Big Data & Orientation based Mobile and Geo Analytics in Retail.
  • Big Data & Personalized Messaging based on Facial Recognition and Social Networks.
  • Big Data & Fraud Detection in Health and Financial Services.

New digital worlds are emerging, and businesses are demanding to react with speed in order to influence what is about to happen…

Fast Data solutions reveal the economic value of high data volumes at high speed

Big Data tackles the challenge of managing the volume increase and variety of data, but when it comes to processing speed of high volumes of data, they are highly perishable, and make decisions in a faster way to create value in the Commercial operations, we are talking about Fast Data.

Fast Data is the speed side of Big Data, and TIBCO has innovated with a set of technologies around fast event processing and high volumes of data for a better analytical understanding, at a widely available price / performance.

Our Fast Data Services are developed based on the combination of TIBCO Streambase technologies for event processing, TIBCO Integration Platform, TIBCO Spotfire Analytics, and can be applied in the following business scenarios.


  • Fast Data & Transportation Operations.
  • Fast Data & Air Freight Terminals.
  • Fast Data & Continuous Improvement of Sales and Marketing Data Quality.
  • Fast Data & Retail Customer Experience.
  • Fast Data & Process Improvements in Financial Services.
  • Fast Data & Increase in Sales and Customer Retention Telecommunications Sector.

A key problem in real-time processing is the detection of event patterns in data streams…

And also the rapid construction of applications to analyze, influence and act

We build real-time systems to analyze, influence and act on data from IoT and other streaming data, and deploy them at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.

We use two products, one for each type of solution. TIBCO Business Events, to influence by means of rules in the results that generate the critical events of the business, and TIBCO Streambase, to analyze and act quickly on flows of data in real time.


  • Streaming GEO Processing.
  • Simulation and Reproduction of Saline Water Network Scenarios. Prediction and Issuance of Alerts.
  • Simulation and Real-Time Prediction of Operations Compliance in Mine Shifts.
  • Predictive System for Quality Control in the Construction of Engineering Projects.
  • Metro Terminal Management System.