We build intelligent digital solutions to support the transformation of companies, eliminate customers and interested third parties.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Often opportunities for improvement remain hidden and organizations do not know the real value of real-time information…

Explore data, transmit information

If you are looking for ways to improve your management, examine real-time data integration using Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms.

With real-time visibility, your business can be transformed completely, with a clearer vision and access to the specific details they need to run faster, more accurately and effectively than before.

Our Solutions:

  • Mining
    • Command Charts for Failure Analysis and Preventive Maintenance.
    • Occupational Risk Control Boards.
    • Cargo Control of Scoop Trucks.
  • Retail
    • Analysis of Purchase Patterns.
    • Supply Chain Management.
    • Brand Performance Analysis.
  • Financial services
    • Portfolio Management of Large Clients.
    • Delinquency Analysis.
  • Agroindustry
    • Analysis and Monitoring of Production.
    • Management of Compliance with Budgetary Irrigation Programs.

Business monitoring allows the systematic identification of the quality of the performance of a system, sub-system or process…

The objective is to introduce timely changes and adjustments to achieve results and anticipate effects on the environment

Our BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) solutions allow us to analyze the progress and propose actions to identify successes, failures or potential risks, as soon as possible, and make timely adjustments to the execution.

With our BAM tools it is possible to monitor end-to-end business processes, providing in real time accurate information about the failures and exceptions of the various operations of your company.


  • Survey of metrics specifications to be monitored.
  • Design of Control Charts.
  • Creation, updating of the Monitoring Model and Integration with the Application to be monitored.
  • Testing of the Monitoring and Application Model.
  • Creation of Command Charts.
  • Pre-production and Production Deployment tests.

Empower your organization with an enterprise business intelligence platform that includes self-service capabilities, analytic functionality and integration with third-party solutions…

And make smart decisions, faster and safer

Whatever your Analytics requirement for information discovery and knowledge capitalization, whatever your market, we have a BI implementation methodology that will ensure success at reasonable times and costs.


  • Operational Boards.
  • Automatic Reportability.
  • Real Time Decision Making.
  • Geo Analytics.
  • Content Analytics.
  • Statistical Applications.
  • BI Mobile.

Analyzing trends, exceptions, patterns and relationships of your structured and unstructured data can be complex…

End the guesswork once, know where it is now, and where to turn

We use proven Analytics methods and technologies, which integrate value information to predict future events, and act to achieve the desired results.

It does not matter if your business is small, medium or large, if your user profile is basic or advanced, or if your business area is Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing or Sales, our Real-Time Predictive solutions combine capture Field data, business rules, mathematical models, business data bases, statistical analysis, and much more to provide the tools that guide competitive strategic and tactical decisions.

Our Solutions:

  • Risk Analysis.
  • Reliability & Maintainability.
  • Fulfillment of Operational Goals.
  • Automation of Complex Decisions.
  • Monitoring the Construction of Large Investment Projects.
  • Complex Simulations of Salt Water Networks.