We build intelligent digital solutions to support business transformation, delight customers and interested third parties.

We build intelligent digital solutions to support business transformation, delight customers and interested third parties.

Power Platform

Allow everyone, at all levels of the organization, to make reliable decisions…

Set up a data-assisted culture with business intelligence for everyone.

Microsoft Power BI is a modern business intelligence (BI) analytics platform characterized by its easy-to-use tools that support the entire analytical workflow, from data preparation and ingestion to visual image exploration and information generation.

Power BI provides augmented analytics and support on a single platform, and differs from other traditional BI platforms by not requiring significant involvement from IT staff to predefine data models or store data in traditional data warehouses.

Power BI’s focus is on providing self-service, agility and integration with existing data sources, data lakes and logical data warehouses, and less modeled data sources.

With Power Platform it is possible:

  • Unification of the business analysis self-service.
  • Preparation of big data with Azure.
  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence to compile Machine Learning models and quickly draw conclusions from structured and unstructured data, including text and images.
  • Full integration with Excel.
  • Analysis of real-time transmissions from sensors to social network sources.

Trust an industry leader

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms.

Incorporate in your business the ability to innovate…

Turn your manual and outdated processes into custom applications for your entire organization.

Power Apps allows you to create applications to solve tasks and support the performance of specific roles, such as, inspection forms, training for field sales, query portals, among many other high-productivity applications that you need for the operation of your business.

Building applications with Power Apps enables everyone from business analysts to professional developers to work together more efficiently.

Solve business problems with highly intuitive visual tools that require no programming, work faster with a platform that enables data integration and distribution.

With Power Apps it is possible to:

  • Create custom applications tailored to your needs.
  • Easily share applications on any device.
  • Create informative portals for external users.
  • Full integration of reports and dashboards developed with Power BI.

Substantially reduce manual and repetitive tasks…

Free your entire team from tedious tasks with Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Focus on the most valuable work, automate your time-consuming manual processes, implementing bots that mimic the actions you take on your desktop or web browser, and do the work for you, without the need for anyone to be on your computer.

Boost productivity by automating secure workflows and saving time, from individual tasks to large-scale processes, with seamless integration through hundreds of pre-engineered connectors.

Easily train artificial intelligence models for form processing, binary classification, object detection, and text recognition using Power Automate’s built-in AI capabilities.

With Power Automate it is possible to:

  • Implement attended and unattended bots to accurately handle repetitive manual tasks, such as mouse clicks, keyboard usage, and data entry.
  • Create intelligent codeless workflows and cloud-based data loss prevention, identity and access management services.
  • Immediately automate common business processes with thousands of predesigned templates.
  • Connect workflows to hundreds of data sources using a connector library and Common Data Service.
  • Connect Power Automate across the entire Microsoft Power Platform (in Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other applications) to create comprehensive business solutions and drive innovation across the organization.

Automatically resolve common customer and organization problems…

Implement intelligent and adaptable Chatbots, according to your needs.

Free your staff to focus on complex applications and high-value interactions. Power Virtual Agents allows you to easily create powerful chatbots, without the need for developers or data scientists, using a guided graphical interface and without programming code.

Integrate Power Virtual Agents with the products and services your company uses every day, using hundreds of pre-built connectors, creating custom workflows with Power Automate or creating complex scenarios with Microsoft Bot Framework.

With Power Virtual Agents it is possible:

  • Create response bots to help address common questions from employees and customers..
  • Monitor and continuously improve the performance of chatbots using information based on artificial intelligence and data available in a control panel.
  • Create powerful business solutions by connecting Power Virtual Agents to the entire Microsoft Power Platform, with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and hundreds of other applications, to drive innovation throughout your organization.