We build intelligent digital solutions to support the transformation of companies, to delight customers and interested third parties.


Promoting Interactions via Apps requires a new business architecture…

This transformation has significant implications, the web is now the only way.

In recent years, apps have become the way to access to content and data entry, and are the main interaction channels, between companies and their customers, and employees.

The Intermedia Latam API Services team works with you to solve, from your API program goals structure to the market, data or services you should expose.

The understanding and implementation of RESTful best practices is only part the challenge when designing your API, the real challenge is to identify the highest priority use cases your API will solve, and the resources and data that you will need to expose, to solve such use cases, and the relation among those resources.

In addition, our experts in API design and architecture will transfer to your team the knowledge of RESTful’s latest practices and standards, to begin to immediately develop APIs, and learn how to apply these techniques for future development.


  • Marketing and Messaging Program Design with API’s.
  • API Strategy for Channel Partners.
  • API Knowledge Transfer and Methodologies.
  • API Modeling Based on Use Cases.
  • Best Practices Implementation for URLs Displaying, Data and Links.
  • API’s Life Cycle Development.
  • API’s Versioning and Iteration.
  • Open, Internal and Partner-Centered API’s Development.
  • API Reporting and Analytics Implementation.
  • Best Practices Documentation Development.

Simplify and automate your business…

With a BPM platform that ensures optimal decision-making in real time with unlimited access to your data.

We ensure that TIBCO ActiveMatrix 4.x is a unified BPM platform with everything you need to build or modify business applications quickly.

How fast? The results when you can manage resources (people and infrastructure) Irrespective of the processes are surprising.

With TIBCO AMX BPM is possible to model how work flows across the organization in real time, and exchange resources without affecting production processes no matter its location. When we talk about resources, in addition to people and infrastructure, we include skills, schedules, business rules, work groups, and more. All of this is possible through ActiveMatrix BPM’s DNA doing the best job faster than any other software in the market.


  • Requirements Survey and Use Cases Definition.
  • Processes Design and Review.
  • Usability Design and Review.
  • Pre-Production Application Testing.
  • Post-Production Application Performance Testing.
  • Analytical and Process Monitoring (BAM).
  • Best Practices Documentation.
  • BPM Training.
  • BPM Government & Centers of Excellence.

Everything is moving towards connection and data exchange…

Integrate critical systems and enterprise applications to add value to your business.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is the enterprise service bus (ESB) market leader that provides fast and easy communication between systems and applications, messaging and data transformation. With TIBCO AMX BW we help our customers reduce the complexity of IT, save money and bring real value to their business.

With TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks we connect applications quickly and easily, whether locally or in the cloud, providing immediate proven reliability and scalability. Compare with other independent third-party software, AMX BW is the most efficient of the top five integration SOA platforms.

AMX BW provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical development environment, eliminates the inefficiency and cost of point-to-point application integration, connecting and unifying business processes across applications, data sources, and API’s.


  • ESB-EMS Installation and Configuration.
  • Middleware Analysis and Design.
  • Model-Based Development / Patterns for Automatic Deployment.
  • Migration.
  • Tests and Validations.
  • SOA Support.