We support, maintain, improve, monitor and manage operational applications and systems in production environments.

System Operation

Time is money, and downtime is expensive, even well-managed IT departments are vulnerable to unexpected shutdowns …

You must meet your needs with personalized services. Today, it is profitable to have a technical support strategy

We offer to reduce your overhead costs, facilitate the return on investment and the performance results of your products.

Our services are designed to serve you from simple repair, to providing end-to-end preventive and reactive support capabilities to your software infrastructure. We have an innovative service model, with a presence throughout Latin America.


  • 24×7 Support, Presential, Preventive and Reactive.
  • Maintenance of Applications.
  • Middleware monitoring (Oracle, TIBCO, IBM, Solace Systems).
  • DEV-QA-PRO Environment Audit.

IT environments are increasingly complex with the use of reusable services and high-performance middleware such as messaging, business process automation, SOA, complex event processing and memory data networks…

And, you must face each provider with its own console and with multiple disaggregated support teams

We help you effectively control your applications and middleware platforms with an unprecedented level of visibility into the performance and health of your systems, which is rarely achieved with your vendor’s technology management consoles.

Our Monitoring service manages your applications, services and technology portfolios through a unique and intuitive graphical console to provide real-time, end-to-end view of all application performance data, health status of your infrastructure and SLA compliance.


  • End-to-End Application Monitoring.
  • Control of Real-Time Performance Metrics.
  • Visualization of Complex Applications and Infrastructure Alerts.
  • Real-time reporting for Scaling and Collaboration.

When you have to face a large transformation project, such as the complete upgrade of a system…

You wonder … Will everything go well? How much downtime will we experience? Will the project be delivered on time and within budget?

We help to Budget and Plan your project of change of platform, we can develop and Execute a Communication Plan, complete Tests and worry about the Closing of the Project and its Documentation. Moreover, we have the competencies to carry out Training to your organization and Ex-Post Support.

We can manage your Upgrade and Upgrade projects from start to finish with a minimal amount of disruption to your operations. We can also work together with your IT team to ensure the necessary knowledge. Our team of engineers, consultants and project managers have extensive experience in delivering all kinds of technology transitions, focused on cost reduction and organizational change.


  • Virtualization of Servers.
  • Server Replacement and Upgrade.
  • Upgrade of Software Infrastructure Platforms.
  • Expansion and Work Team Movements.
  • Documentation Management, Development and Updating.
  • Cloud Environment Implementation.
  • Migration of BI Platforms.
  • Security Assessments.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • And more!

Many organizations require occasional or periodic support to optimize and improve the use of their Reports, Dashboards and Applications developed with Business Intelligence & Analytics software…

In every learning cycle there must be instances of Reinforcement and Induction.

The Business Intelligence & Analytics support and maintenance service is aimed at users of Spotfire, Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, or other technologies, which is generally contracted on an annual or half-yearly basis, it is also possible to contract packages or bags from a minimum of 100 Hours to consume within 20 working days. Whatever the term, the service is coordinated via ticket, email or WhatsApp, and is developed / serviced in remote mode (on-line via Skype, webEx, Hangouts as preferred by the customer). Its objective is to attend queries, solve optimization requirements and improvements of applications already developed with BI & Analytics tools, solve advanced use cases (e.g. predictive statistics, ERP integrations, etc.) and also to support users, with inductions in the use of commands and attributes of the tools.

Support and Maintenance Service:

  • Dashboard and Report Optimization.
  • Improvement of Interactive Interfaces.
  • Database Integration.
  • Inductions for the improvement of skills.
  • Periodic maintenance of applications.
  • Attention of consultations in the use of Commands.
  • Update of Analytics Applications.
  • Improvement of graphs, filters and other configurations.