We deliver useful solutions with usable functions. We design, construct, validate and implement solutions aligned with the competencies of the organization.

Development of Solutions

The process and requirements are the most critical activities when defining precisely the scope of the solution to be implemented…

Most likely, you have identified the problem

However, it does not have a detailed survey of the processes, the functional and non-functional requirements, and the use cases to be implemented.

Our Lifting and Modeling services allow us to ensure the implementation of solutions tailored to your needs, with proven technologies that comply with corporate and market standards, and with deadlines and costs adjusted to established budgets.

Realization and Modelling Solutions Services:

  • Analysis, Design and Economic Evaluation of IT Projects.
  • Elaboration of Project Decomposition Structures and Task Planning.
  • Identification, Control and Monitoring of Potential Risks.
  • Elaboration of Technical Specifications of Deliverables.

The market sector, customer requirements and IT coexist in constant transformation…

That is why you require highly scalable solutions

To face changes in the business with speed and agility, controlling costs and balancing quality.

Our Solutions Architecture Design services aim at establishing IT environments that are consistent with business capabilities, at reasonable costs and with optimized resources, using world-class software technologies to efficiently drive the organization’s efficiency and increase competitiveness of the business.

IT Solutions Architecture Design Services:

  • Design, Economic Evaluation and Implementation of IT Solutions Architecture.
  • Development of Concept Tests and Alternatives Evaluation.
  • Implementation of Middleware Monitoring Platform.
  • Design of Performance Models and Risks for Continuity of Operations.
  • Design of Disaster Recovery Plans.

Investing in world-class Infrastructure and Business Intelligence software is a decision that seeks to maximize ROI, minimize risk and time to implement solutions…

That’s why you need quick answers, and local preferential care

Our work philosophy focused on the specialization in Infrastructure and Business Intelligence, and the regional positioning of our company, allows us to successfully meet any requirement.

Our Solutions Development services are based on our ability to combine technologies, industry and experience in the use and application of Infrastructure and Analytics software products of world class to help our clients achieve their Digital Transformation objectives with SOA, BPM, BI technologies; MDM, Mobility, Social Business, among others.

Solutions Development Services:

  • Development of SOA, BPM, BI, Full Life-cycle MDM and Customer-Level Solutions.
  • Optimization of the Performance and Usability in Production.
  • Integration of CRM, ERP, HR, MES, SCM, etc. systems.
  • Specialized QA Services, Testing and Production Deployment.

If your organization is responsible for large service delivery operations, and uses internal staff and contractors…

You need to accurately track supplier performance and know if you are getting what you pay

We can help ensure that you get what you pay when you outsource or internalize Software Consulting, Training and Development works.

Our IT Solution Delivery Monitoring Program is designed to manage accountability, ensure transparency and compliance in the delivery of the solutions entrusted.

Solutions Delivery Monitoring Services:

  • Quality and Compliance Definition Requirements.
  • 3 Level Monitoring Quality
    • Control Quality.
    • Assurance Quality.
    • Supervision Quality.
  • Quality Control and Surveillance Training.