We help clients design, develop and execute strategic, operating and execution business models.

Strategic Consulting

To achieve your business objectives, set together with your business processes, and depending on the systems implemented…

You Need to See the Bigger Picture

A vision combining business strategy and business architecture, information systems and technology domains are needed to quickly analyze the impact of proposal changes, and to prioritize projects that add greater value to the company.

Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) services, based on an integral vision of the organizations, allow processes, data, applications and technological infrastructure alignment with the strategic objectives of the business.

Our main goal is to ensure well set together technology and business processes in an organization, with the purpose of achieving the fulfillment of its business objectives.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services:

  • Analysis, Design and Implementation of AE
  • Administration of AE
  • Implementation of AE Management Software
  • Consulting of Data Architecture, Processes, Applications and Technology
  • Consultancy for the Modernization of the EA

To create new business models and ensure successful transformations, sustainable growth and profitability…

You need core competencies

It needs to leverage business knowledge and technological capability to drive innovation in how it relates to its customers, markets and channels, through more efficient operations and first-tier IT infrastructure.

Our consulting services for Strategic Business Planning help define and understand market signals and how they relate to your company’s business plans, customer organizations, and day-to-day applications. Our offer helps to understand and leverage the core competencies to drive implementable strategies that generate extreme value to the business.

Strategic Business Planning Consulting Services:

  • Strategy for the Integration of Business Models.
  • Social Business Consulting.
  • Smart business.
  • Modernization of Business Applications.
  • Merger & Acquisition (M & A) Solutions.
  • Cloud-Enabled Business Models.

It continues to work on a reaction cycle that manages short-term needs rather than strategic priorities…

Architects and CIOs recognize it,
they need an IT Roadmap

A technological roadmap helps Architects and CIOs to act in line with the organization’s strategy, fostering collaboration between IT leaders and functional leaders, which translates into a true executive alignment for existing and new investments.

Our IT Roadmap consulting services enable you to define the technology baseline that will support your business strategy, from driving investment priorities in technology projects within 3 to 5 years, to anticipating needs Of human resources and the balance of initiatives of existing plans with new requests.

Business Technology Roadmap Consulting Services:

  • Development of TI Roadmap
  • Government SOA & BPM Center of Excellence
  • Economic Evaluation of IT Projects

Today, with the physical and digital interactions, so closely intertwined, you have access to a huge amount of data …

And it requires increasing intelligence and interconnecting everything

As the power of Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence technologies profoundly alter the way we do business, executives are requiring new competencies to confront new organizational risks and make complex decisions with knowledge and authority.

Our Business Analytics services help organizations of all sizes to focus their information needs on the context of their business, and build teams that are able to close the information trust gap, and build a corporate data strategy, that allows to obtain productivity and competitive advantages.

Consulting Services in Business Analytics:

  • Architecture and Government.
  • Analytics Streaming.
  • Geo-Analysis & Predictive Analysis.
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence Web Platforms.